The Each 1 Reach Many Ministries Story


In 1994 I was approached by a successful "twenty-something" gentleman with a business proposition. He proposed that if I would dedicate just two years of my life to a particular program in network marketing, I would be able to retire from working forever by the time I was twenty-three years of age. Even though it seemed too good to be true, upon further investigation, I realized that not only was he telling the truth, but he practiced what he preached. At the time, he was a very important person in one of the largest insurance agencies in the nation, and was on the verge of "retiring." A couple of months went by and he and his two partners left compulsory employment forever. They were making tens of thousands of dollars per month. Well, needless to say, with stars in my eyes, I consented to follow all of their directions, on my road to financial freedom. I told my mother that I was quitting college until I retired, then I would go back, because I would have plenty of time on my hands. I did very well for a time with this new venture.


To make a long story short, I fell on rough times and my new mentors left me high and dry. Even today, they still make a lot of money. Not long after my dry spell, I received Jesus into my life. It was the best thing to ever happen to me. I resumed building my business and suddenly realized, as though scales fell from my eyes, that I was not supposed to be involved with this venture--not because it was underhanded or illegal, but because it was in conflict with my new life's mission. You see, my former mentors taught me that I needed to eat, drink, and sleep this particular business. They taught me that each individual, in theory, has one hundred people in their networks. If we just tapped a small portion of that network and they did the same, we would be in the money. We would be "helping" people, on their way to financial freedom, as we traveled that road ourselves. They taught me that two people would get two; and those two would get two; and so on. It was a principal they called geometric progression, or exponential growth. I could no longer commit myself to this obsessive marketing, while living a simple life with Christ. The two lifestyles could not coexist. As you might imagine, I never "retired."


You may wonder why I have gone to such length to give a mission statement. Well, this is no mere mission statement. It is an explanation of the mission of Each 1 Reach Many Ministries. How does this all tie in? I can remember thinking, those years ago, that it would be incredible if we Christians employed the principles of exponential growth to evangelism. This is why we say each one reaches many. If we invest our time and energies leading souls to Christ, each of those souls will do the same. Those in the downlines of your spiritual recruits will also reach others, and so on. I have a friend who once said that Jesus would have come to die for one lost soul. While that is true, and expresses the depth of Jesus' love for individuals, I told that same friend that she was correct, BUT one soul was not His goal. He is not willing that ANY should perish, but that every human being come to repentance. Jesus' goal is to reach the world, so we all may enjoy everlasting life. So, I guess this is where the mission statement comes in: Each 1 Reach Many Ministries is committed to the great commission of Jesus Christ, to lead souls to loving relationship with Him through, Bible teaching, publishing, relationship building, Christian music, broadcasting, and in time, Christ-centered, large-scale humanitarianism. Currently, this is accomplished through various ministry collaborations in order to have the largest impact on our world for Christ.


Please pray for us as we seek to fulfill God's purpose--His mission for our lives. When the pure, everlasting Gospel is preached into all of the World for a witness, then Jesus can come. Even so Lord Jesus quickly come.


Not 1 Left Behind


What is meant by the tag-line, "Not 1 Left Behind"? This can be viewed in two ways. Firstly, you may recall that years ago, United States President, George W. Bush started discussing the "No Child Left Behind Act." This act is supposed to encourage academic excellence in all children by providing the necessary resources to accomplish their educational goals. While pondering that concept, it occurred to me that the Lord is not satisfied with leaving humankind down here to just muddle through life. He has dispatched the best possible resources to our aid, in order to guarantee that each person has the best opportunities available to be saved.


The second, relates the same principle, a little differently. Let's consider the second coming of Christ to be the pinnacle of experience for those who love Him. When He does return, everyone who has availed themselves of His divine aid, and remained in loving relationship with Him, will be taken home with Him, and one day, after a thousand years are finished (Revelation 20), the meek shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5). Jesus is not sneaking up on the planet to snatch away those who make "the first cut" in His heavenly sports draft, only to leave the left overs to fend for themselves for seven years on the "bench" of circumstance, hoping that more will be saved in the end. No. When Jesus returns a second time, not one of His true-hearted followers will be left behind. There will be no second probation. Those who are just and righteous, by God's grace will remain righteous and just still. And, unfortunately, in that day, those who are unrighteous, and unholy, will remain that way.


Always Remember, it is God's ideal goal, to take all humankind to be with Him forever, but some of us will continue to love darkness, rather than light. Our purpose at E1RMM is to partner with God to reduce the numbers of lost souls, to the glory of Jesus Christ, by shining the light of His grace in the dark places of this world